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紐約設計 New York Design launch a new web page “NEWS and BLOG”… find out what happening with New York Design, what’s going on and what’s news… see online sample of New York Design 紐約設計 accomplishments and project demonstrations … [… ] News and Blog                                                          […] On Line Demo
















Since 1983, New York Design has been providing brand, corporate identity system; naming, corporate annual report, annual report online, packaging design, website graphic and marketing communication services to institutions and corporations, large and small.

平面設計,品牌策略,企業形象,命名,商標設計,品牌重整,識別系統, 網站設計, 整體品牌形象規劃…紐約設計 NEW YORK DESIGN…  since 1983

紐約設計 設計案例分享   New York Design Portfolio 2009

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