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Skype –

Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice and calls over the Internet. 讓您免費和全世界通話,它也提供即時聊天室和視訊功能,而且您可以與朋友分享您的畫面。

Google Docs –
Allows multiple users to created, edit, and share documents from any web browser. 這個工具可讓您將檔案分享給您的伙伴。只要把檔案存入共用資料夾,您和伙伴們就能共同編輯同一份文件。

BaseCamp –
Manage your projects, job list, upload files, make assignment, progress report, communication status…  建立專案、上傳資料、分配任務以及控制整個案件進度,團隊成員溝通協調…

Google Calendar –
An online calendar, it’s easy to keep track of events and meeting… Google行事曆幫助您有組織地安排所有的行程和活動。它最棒的特點是您和團隊們可分享彼此的行事曆,以得知大家的活動和有空的時間,便於安排會議。

Twiddla –
Twiddla is a no-setup, web-based meeting playground. Mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas. Voice and Text chat…  Twiddla讓許多人同時看見的白板,它能方便的表達意見,繪製圖案或標示符號、通知動員等等。
Mint –
Personal finance software, online money management, budget and financial planning… 這是個超讚的財務控管軟體,而且它是完全免費的!
LogMeIn –
Leave your computer at home and access it from any other computer in the world. Cool ya! 把電腦留在家中,透過世界任何一個角落的電腦存取裡面的資料。

EchoSign –
Online electronic signature solutions…  EchoSign工具軟體,讓提供線上簽核文件功能,只要幾秒就能輕鬆完成。


New York Design BlogTalk – Design Agencies vs Independent Designer/Studio

Finding an experienced graphic design agency or designer most suitable to your needs can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. One should be aware of a number of crucial difference between graphic design agencies and independent design workshops. Working with graphic a graphic design agency, rather than an independent design workshop, at first may appear to offer many benifits, but actually there can be some problems too. Below is a summart outlining the advantages of each…

Benefits of working with a graphic design agency :
 • One stop solution which make the process more convenient.
 • A long list of prestigious, trustworthy clients as references to assure you the quality of work you will    receive.
 • Agencies offer a much broader skill set than what any independent workshop can offer.
 • Agencies usually have a group of designers collaborating on ideas, offering a broad range of    outcomes.
 • Agencies are well versed in dealing with large accounts.
 • You are not reliant on just one individual for the successful completion of your project.
 • Agencies provide better credibility and reliability, yet you have to pay a lot more.
 • Agencies are more capable in handling larger projects.

Benefits of working with an independent design workshop :
 • More flexibility and favors.
 • From start to finish, you are talking directly to a highly creative designer and project specifications    do not need to be relayed through other staff before action is taken.
 • There are no separate account managers, senior or junior designers, or any other staff, each with    differing interpretations of the job requirement/outline.
 •  The individual hired is 100% responsible for the graphic design portfolio, and a personal relationship    can easily be developed which is always better for the project’s progress and ultimate completion.
 • Communications are directly with the person working on your project – not an answering machine,    secretary or person handling numerous accounts simultaneously.
 • Competitive professional fees are offered, assisted by low overheads.
 • Considerable savings on cost and budgeting.
 • Design revisions can be done frequently and swiftly.
 • The independent workshop can often provide exactly the same quality of work as design agencies.    It can also competently handle larger projects by carefully selecting a group of individuals with the    best skills and talents required. 

When choosing an independent designer, one should be aware that there are many people who mark themselves as an “independent design workshop or graphic designer,” but who actually lack the necessary skills and experience. These individuals can tarnish the image of the graphic design industry. A corporate client who hires one of these designers can cause serious damage to their reputation. It is therefore vital to choose the right graphic designer who can produce evidence of completed projects as previous projects speak volumes about what you can expect. A good portfolio and customer testimonials are essential.

Since 1983, New York Design has been providing brand, corporate identity system; naming, corporate annual report, annual report online, packaging design, website graphic and marketing communication services to institutions and corporations, large and small.

平面設計,品牌策略,企業形象,命名,商標設計,品牌重整,識別系統, 網站設計, 整體品牌形象規劃…紐約設計 NEW YORK DESIGN…  since 1983

紐約設計 設計案例分享   New York Design Portfolio 2009

Click to view portfolio:

PortfolioTwo .gifPortfolioOne .gif

紐約設計 NYD’s Blog  –  席樂頓名床 臺灣品牌 臺灣企業品牌成功案例 – 紐約設計案例分享


The basic components to building your brand is the Name, Graphic Identity, Color Standard and Visual Consistent…Most of world brand are either Made in Taiwan or Made in China and they are very good in quality. Do you know many of world brand products are from …

 Stylution International Corp.  運時通傢具集團 席樂頓 名床
Products: Mattress & Upholstery
Creative Concept & Description :
Word combination, Stylution — Style-elegant, luxurious mode of living in style … Solution-act of solving, clarification for bedding, sleeping enjoyment and sleeping comfort…[…]

Stylution International – Brands of the World […]

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