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Monthly Archives: February 2009


The first impression, as you know, constitutes the chance of success in your business. Graphic Design highlights your value and, if done properly, will increase sales and revenue beyond imagination.  When you are ready for professional graphic design work, whether the choice is using a graphic design agency or independent graphic designer, it is important to consider the three most critical aspects in Design Portfolio, Experience and Customer Testimonials. Remember, graphic design is an essential part of your business.

Design Portfolio
Look at their portfolio… if the portfolio is extensive, comprehensive and large, you are on the right track.  Look over their portfolio and examine their past works.  Their highlighted projects and sample works will speak volumes about their design creativity, ability and capability.

Working Experience
Experience is very important in graphic design discipline. The more years and exposure to a wider spectrum of industries will ensure a refined professional in a graphic designer. Like a good friend, an experience designer will offer more useful inputs and practical design solutions than others.

Customer Testimonials
Customer satisfaction reflected through written or documented appreciation for the designer’s services should offer valuable insights into the designer’s work, which also serves to evaluating and assessing whether you are talking to the right person for the job. Request customer list and check into reference details.